The SOULMATE AAL – project focuses on 5 objectives:


Objective 1:

  • This first objective focuses on developing a co-creation approach, to analyse how and which end-userscan be involved in each of the different project phases. Next, end-users will be recruited andmobilized. The functional specifications will be derived, based on their travel needs and wishes.

Objective 2:

  • The overall objective is to achieve an operational (i.e. deployed) SOULMATE solution.Intermediate objectives are obtaining a lucid architectural design and technical specifications, whichenable efficient implementation work. Also, efficient deployment pipelines need to be establishedfor both the app and the web instrument.

Objective 3:

  • This one aims to test in two different phases (initial testing and extensive field trials) the SOULMATEprototype among a heterogeneous group of end-users. The testing of SOULMATE will include:perceived usefulness, integration into everyday life, the usability and acceptance over severalmonths, as well as the end-users’ willingness to pay for the proposed solution. From the technicalperspective, the evaluation will include security and reliability tests of the system.

Objective 4:

  • This objective contains the dissemination of the project results and experiences; as well as identification,assessment and protection of new knowledge and technology developed. A business model andgo-to market strategy will be developed, and the project output will be exploited.

Objective 5:

  • The overall objective here is a smooth realisation of the SOULMATE project, in particular:

    • To ensure timely and qualitative achievement of project results
    • Technical and administrative coordination
    • Organisational and financial coordination
    • Monitoring quality and timing of project deliverables
    • Establish internal and external communication procedures