In SOULMATE, we address the diverse travel wishes and needs of older adults in order to engage in (and to ensure) an active, healthy and independent living in a secure way through active mobility and physical activity. Our integrated solution will aggregate different types of mobility support during the trips, and consists of 3 complementary modules:

1. Training of the route: an indoor cycling solution enables to practice the routes in a safe, motivating and fun virtual training environment;
2. Security during the trips: passive smartphone based monitoring by a coach from a distance;
3. Routing during the trips: active navigation on a smartphone, by generating turn-by-turn instructions. For each individual, the desired or needed functionalities can be chosen in a modular way, based on the specific abilities of that individual and his/her travel needs and wishes.

The SOULMATE solution will be iteratively developed in co-creation with end-users, and the instrument will be intensively tested and evaluated in 3 countries based on a usability, technical and business aspect.